Assistant Lighting Designer

Scenic Designer

Assistant Scenic Designer

New York, NY
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Last Updated: 09/04/2023 16:20 EST

Job Qualifications

Box Office Manager, Production Manager, Wardrobe Crew, Assistant Director, Artistic Director, Bookkeeper, Office Manager, Assistant Producer, Wig Run Crew, House Manager, Floor Manager, Box Office Assistant, Shop Foreman, Production Assistant, Properties Assistant, Wardrobe Supervisor, Public Relations Manager, Public Relations Assistant, Theater Manager, COVID Safety, Properties Designer, Assistant Lighting Designer, Tailor, Scenic Designer, Assistant Scenic Designer, Technical Director, Assistant Technical Director, Master Carpenter, Carpenter, Paint Charge, Scenic Artist, Properties Carpenter, Assistant Sound Designer, Sound Operator, Mic Runner, Stagehand, Stage Manager, Production Stage Manager, Assistant Stage Manager, Rigger, Light Board Operator, Follow Spot Operator, Hand Sewer/Finisher, Puppetry

Primary Skills:

Welding, Makeup, Directing, VectorWorks, Sewing, Embroidery, Puppetry

Additional Experience in:

Color Mixing, Faux Finishes, Sewing: Curtain Repair

In a Pinch, I can:

Rigging, Drafting, Dyeing, Upholstery, Foam Carving, Props Shopping, Furniture Building, VectorWorks, Script Reading, qLab, qLab, qLab, AutoCAD, AutoCAD, Inventory Management, Inventory Management, Hand Sewing/Finishing, Crafts, Light Upholstery


Carpenter, Set Builder/Dresser, and Production Designer - Coordinated with teams to execute the vision of the production manager to build, design, and set scenes. Set up scenes by building and rigging equipment, staging props, floor/wall coverings, operating + maintaining lighting/audio equipment, and delegating tasks.

Work History - Photo/video documentation and additional details are on my website

Daryl Roth Theater, NYC September 2022 - Background setup, faux brick + molding.

BrickHead Productions, Be Electric Studio 7-9, Brooklyn, NY September 2022

Complex x Sephora photo shoot. Backdrop sets.

Hello Fresh, Union Square Kitchen, NYC April 2022 - Build + shoot. Built kitchen and dining room set. Prop placement.

Snipes, Brooklyn Studio One, NYC April 2022 - Commercial shoot with Fivio Foreign. Built a Reflection pool and brownstone Brooklyn stoop.

NVSN, Heather Garden, Center Path, "FACELESS STUDIOS", NYC June 2022 - +ldquo;Seasons+rdquo; Anayka She Music Video. Traveled to multiple outdoor locations with the crew. Hand-painted flats, set and dress sets for scenes.

NVSN, Jersey City, NJ June 2022 - Music video shoot for J.Cole +ldquo;STICK+rdquo;. Multi-location shoot. Set dressing.

SNIPES, Brooklyn, NY July 2022 - SNIPES 4 ELEMENTS. Outdoor/indoor set dressing

Recreation Films, Scarsdale, NY June 2022 - Commercial for Eastpoint Sports. EPS Summer 2022 Projects. Gameroom set dressing.

NVSN, Brooklyn, NY October 2022 - Chloe Flower +ldquo;Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence+rdquo;. Four set backdrops.

Dutch Kills Theater, The Wild Project, NYC December 2021 - The production crew for The Antelope Party. Two-day build/set dressing and a one-day strike.

Keemotion, Zen Space Studios, NYC December 2021 - Oh Yes, Rich the Kid Music Video. One day build and shoot.

5 Towns Media House, 718 Studios, NYC January 2022 - Top 5 T SHYNE Music Video. One day build and shoot.

Beeline-Hindji World, 718 Studios, NYC March 2022 - Beeline commercial. 2 set videos; an office set and a dark smokey forest.

Casamare Filmworks, Brooklyn, NY March 2022 - +ldquo;Mona Lisa+rdquo; - Fetty Wap Music Video. Two build days, one-day shoot. 3 set builds.

Casamare Filmworks, Queens, NY May 2022 - +ldquo;Oh My Lord+rdquo; Arizona Zervas ft. 24KGoldn Music Video. Set dresser.

NVSN, NYC May 2022 - +ldquo;Decisions+rdquo; Young Devyn Music Video. Set dresser.
Production Designer

NVSN LLC, Brooklyn, NY March 2022 - Lonely - Anayka She Music Video. One day build and shoot. Production designer.

Bayswater Jewish Community Center, Far Rockaway, NY Oct 20th - Nov 6th, +lsquo;17 - The production crew for The Addams Family. Spotlight operator and Audio assistant.

Strongbox Theater, East Rockaway, NY July 2021 The production crew for The 39 Steps. Scenic carpenter, and run crew.

Open Culture Works, Long Island City, Queens October 2021 - Load in of stage, audio, and lighting equipment. Loadout/strike.

Adelphi, Performing Arts Theater in Garden City, NY October 2022 - Present - Freelance stagehand for load in/strike


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