Terms of Use for OffStageJobs.com and TheContactSheets.com

OffStageJobs.com and TheContactSheets.com Terms of Use.

Violation of these terms of use can be grounds for getting banned from the sites, at the discretion of the webmaster. They may be changed, at any time, without prior notification.


1. These sites are only for behind-the-scenes, non-performer jobs and employees in the live entertainment industry. Examples include: stage directors, designers, stagehands, lighting and sound programmers, projection operators, artistic directors, production managers, stage managers, box office staff, marketing and public relations staff, ushers, pit musicians, costumers and wardrobe staff, stage carpenters, theatre related equipment vendor jobs, company managers, etc... We do allow acting teacher jobs to be posted.


2. You may only post job listings on the OffStageJobs.com section. No please-hire-me type listings are allowed here.

3. TheContactSheets.com section is intended only for non-performer live entertainment freelancers posting a brief list of their skills, and contact information. It is not for posting entire resumes, or curriculum vitae. The goal is a fast read of what you can do, not your life story.

4. Contact information posted for any theatre, company, or person may only be used to contact that person or company for potential employment related reasons. You may not use information found on this site to send unrelated, unsolicited, or harassing e-mail, mail, faxes, or phone calls. (You can use it to apply for a job, or try to hire someone. That is it.)

5. Posting of false information of any kind is grounds for immediate removal of your listing.

6. Any listing containing information or employment requirements that are known to be illegal may be removed without notice to the posting company.

7. Absolutely no job listings will be allowed that contain (or from companies that claim to practice) discriminatory employment requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, restricting potential hiring based on applicants' sex, gender, sexual or romantic preference, skin color, race, marital status, or religious beliefs. If you believe your company or group's circumstance may allow for such discrimination (such as a religious organization) please contact the webmaster to see if your listing can be posted.

8. "Post The Pay." All job listings posted or reposted are required to include the job's numeric pay rate, starting pay rate, potential pay rate range, or state that there is no pay. TO BE CLEAR: "based on experience," "contact for details," or "competitive," will no longer be sufficient.

ALTERNATE OPTION FOR JOBS UNDER A UNION CONTRACT. In an effort to maintain the ability for job seekers to know the pay rate for a job prior to applying, and address concerns by several union Locals, the following option is available ONLY for jobs under the jurisdiction of a union contract:

With prior knowledge and consent of the applicable union Local, the employer may post "Contact [Union Name, Local Number] for pay rate information" and then, in the Description section, provide a contact phone number for the applicable union Local.

PLEASE NOTE: You may only use this option if the Local agrees in advance to be contacted and proivde the pay rate information to prospective employees for the given job. This option is not available to jobs that are not under a union contract, as the union is essentially serving as a 3rd party.

8.1 Listings failing to include a numeric pay rate, direct applicants to the applicable union Local, or truthfully state "No Pay" will be removed.

8.2 No listing will be accepted from any employer known to pay any employee at "tipped" minimum wage. All minimum wage positions with employers wishing to post here shall be paid at no less than the full, non-tipped, prevailing minimum wage for the location of the job.

9. NEW: "Post the Start/Hiring Date." EFFECTIVE July 1, 2022. All jobs posted after July 1, 2022 are required to include either a job start date or otherwise indicate when hiring will take place. "Hiring Immediately" does count toward this requirement if it is true, and hiring is intended to be completed no more than 2 weeks after the date the job was originally posted to this site.

10. No job listing may be posted which requires potential applicants for the job to register an account or give personal information to another website, not directly owned and operated by the employer, in order to apply for the job. Any listing using a URL as the means of applying for the job which is found to require the applicant to register or create an account on a third-party (not the hiring employer) site, in order to begin or complete the application process, will be removed without notification to the employer or the company which posted the listing on the employer's behalf. It is unfair to require applicants to give personal information to a third party, or have another account to keep track of, simply to apply for a job with your theatre or company. If you have any questions about this new policy, please feel free to contact the webmaster.

11. Effective May 1, 2013: All companies and employers which post job listings on this site agree to pay all employees of positions they list on this site within thirty (30) days of the first day of employment, and with no more than thirty (30) days between paychecks if employment continues through that time. This rule shall apply regardless if the person(s) hired to fill the position(s) were found through this site or not.

This rule also applies to companies and employers paying listed positions as independent contractors.

The SOLE exception to this rule is if all three of the following criteria are met:

...1. The payment dates/timeframe are published in the listing.

...2. The payment dates/timeframe are listed in the employment contract.

...3. The contract is agreed to and signed by both the employer and person hired for the position.

Employers found to delay payment to employees or individuals longer than 30 days in violation of this rule shall be banned from using OffStageJobs.com.

Businesses may be comfortable waiting up to 90 days for payment. Individuals are not. It should not take over a month to process paperwork and cut a check to a new employee.

If you have any questions about this rule, please feel free to contact the webmaster..

12. EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2021: No job listings that have "provided housing" but which charges employees for such housing are allowed on the site.

12.1 EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2021: Equal housing. Housing provided by the employer to non-performer, behind-the-scenes employees shall be reasonably similar or equal to housing provided for performers, specifically in regards to working heat, air conditioning, hot and cold running water, bathrooms, beds, pest control, safety, and (if not on-site) transportation.

13. INTERNSHIPS: The following are rules regarding internship listings, all are EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2021. Listings posted before this date but still active at that time will be affected. Internship listings are still subject to all other rules of the site.

...13.1 No "unpaid internship" job listings are allowed on the site.

...13.2 No "pay us to intern here" internship listings are allowed on the site.

...13.3 All internship job listings shall offer pay of no less than the applicable full (non-tipped) minimum hourly wage for the area that the internship is being performed in, or if a weekly or flat fee, equal to no less than 40 times the applicable full (non-tipped) minimum hourly wage for the area that the internship is being performed in for each week of employment. If a daily fee, equal to no less than 8 times the applicable full (non-tipped) minimum hourly wage for each day of employment.

NOTE: "Applicable full (non-tipped) minimum hourly wage for the area that the internship is being performed in" means exactly that. The minimum wage for that location. While some states, such as Vermont, may allow non-profit organizations to ingnore higher minimum wage laws, OffStageJobs does not for Internship listings.

...13.4 All companies wishing to post internship listings must first submit information about their internship program to OffStageJobs.com for approval. Only approved companies will be allowed to post internship listings after September 1, 2021. The link to apply is available to logged-in users in the sidebar.

...13.5 Approval of a company to post internship listings is based solely on information provided by said company, and is not an endoresment of said company nor its internship program. Any posted list of approved companies is only for ease of a company verifying if they have been approved, and is not an endorsement of those companies nor their internship programs.

...13.6 Internship listings posted by non-approved companies will be removed.

...13.7 Companies found to have provided false information in their approval application email, or whose internship programs turn out to be materially different than stated in their application email may be banned from the site.

14. Professional Job: This tag will officially start on September 1, 2022. The "Professional Job" tag should only be used on a job that pays at least the prevailing full, non-tipped, minimum wage in the area in which the work will be performed.

NOTE: This applies specifically to the paycheck amount, not the possible "value" of the pay plus additional benefits, such as housing, insurance, stipends, travel, or meals. Jobs that only pay stipends do not qualify for the Professional Job tag. Nor do Internships.

15. Malicious flagging or reporting listings for abuse (black header listings) is grounds for being banned from the site.

16. Listings may be flagged/reported for abuse for the following reasons: being spam, or otherwise violating the terms of use for the sites. Listings that are flagged are automatically reported to the webmaster, who will check the listing for problems. He/she may contact the user who flagged the listing, and/or the employer that posted it. If the webmaster fails to find fault with the listing, the flag will be removed, and the listing will appear normally on the site. If the webmaster does find fault with the listing, he/she will, depending on the problem: contact the employer to have them correct the listing, or delete the listing. The webmaster will attempt to keep all investigations to within the 24 hour period after the listing is flagged.

17. Listings may not be flagged simply based on a users previous bad experience with the person or company that posted the listing.

18. OffStageJobs.com will not tolerate companies that are abusive to their employees. Companies that show a continuing pattern of problems are considered abusive. Problems include, but are not limited to: late payments, changing the nature of the job after hiring, violating contractural agreements, physical assult of employees without dismissal of offender, continuous verbal abuse of employees, or other such behavior or actions beyond what would reasonably be considered part of the stressful nature of this business. OffStageJobs.com keeps track of all complaints about companies that have posted on this site. While a single complaint about a company may not result in a listing's removal, a company that receives numerous complaints of a similar nature from multiple people over a period of time may be permanently banned from posting on OffStageJobs.com. Complaints that only seem to amount to "this place sucked" do not count toward any decision to ban an employer.

19. Listings that seem to attract repeated, or malicious flagging can be protected from further flags by the webmaster.


All bans on OffStageJobs.com/TheContactSheets.com are permanent. As such, we do not take them lightly. Bans generally occur for blatant, repeated, and/or unapologetic problems.

To avoid the possibility of "gaming the system," we do not post our thresholds for applying a ban.

Bans are not publicized on the site. Under most circumstances, the company will be informed if they are banned and why. Bans resulting from intentional disregard of site rules may be placed without notice to the company or user.


Suspensions apply only to companies/institutions, and specifically for companies/institutions which have been found to have allowed abusers of fellow employees or guests to continue to be employed after being informed of the abuse. A suspension shall be given in lieu of a ban if the company appears to be taking steps to rectify the problems that allowed the abuse and abuser to continue.

Suspensions shall generally last for a period of at least 3 years, the with the effective 3 year start date being the date the abuser's employment with the company ends. As such, a suspension may be indefinite, based on the action or inaction of the company. A company's suspension may become a ban if no intent to correct the problem (not simply gloss over the problem) is apparent.

Suspensions may be publicly announced via our Twitter account.

22. All job listings and Contact Sheet listings are user-submitted. We do not claim any responsiblity for the accuracy or content of the information in any listing, nor do we screen listings, companies, or individuals that use these sites. We highly encourage you to do your own research about a hiring company or individual prior to contacting them.

23. While every attempt will be made to deal with any issues as quickly as possible, as the sites are free of charge, outside employment of the webmaster or other staff must take priority.

24. All material, unless otherwise noted is Copyright 1997-2022 Patrick Hudson. You may not repost or republish ANY information found on these sites without permission. Copyright will be protected.

25. OffStageJobs.com, TheContactSheets, TheContactSheets.com and Traproom.com are Copyright 2001-2022, Patrick Hudson. This site operated as BackstageJobs.com from February 2001 through June 2013, & retains copyright for that time period.

26. OffStageJobs.com and TheContactSheets.com programming and functions are Copyright 2007-2022 Nick Keenan.

27. These terms of use are subject to change at any time. In addition, the webmaster may, at his discretion, impose additional rules not necessarily spelled out here, but in the spirit of the intent of the site(s), to ensure the quality of the listings posted and the trust of the users of the site(s).

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