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While you should read and understand our Terms of Use prior to using this site, here are some key rules that may be different than you may see on other sites:

Post-the-Pay: All job listings must include a numeric pay rate, pay rate range, starting pay rate, or truthfully state "No Pay/Volunteer." Listings without a numeric pay rate and not truthfully stating No Pay or Volunteer will be removed without notice. Example: "$40,000-45,000 DOE" is allowed. "DOE" without a numeric range is not. There is an additional option for jobs under a union contract: see the Terms of Use for more info.

Post-the-Start/Hiring-Date: All job listings posted or updated after July 1, 2022 must include the anticipated start date of the job or the hiring date for the job. ASAP is fine if that is accurate. "Three weeks" is not fine, as it gives no idea to the start date.

Third-Party Application Processing: No job listing may be posted were the only way to apply for the job is to register through a third-party site in order to apply. The only exception to this is if the company that is hiring owns the job site. For example, if the job is at Princeton University, registering at "" is allowed. Requiring registering at "" is not. For those using third-party application processing, you must either use a company that does not require applicant registration, or provide an alternate means of applying for the job. Listings not following this rule will be removed without notice.

Job listings must include all relevant information about the job. Do not simply post "see our listing at for info." This is a job listing site, not a links page to other sites. View pretty much any listing on this site to get an idea of what you should be posting.

Internships: You must be specifically pre-approved to post Internship listings. This is separate from account activation. The link to apply appears in the sidebar after logging-in. Internship listings posted without pre-approval will be removed, and repeated violations of this rule can lead to a permanent ban from the site.

Professional Job tag: has always posted jobs from across the entire range of theatre and live entertainment. From small community theatre, to storefront theatre, to large regionals, to Broadway, and beyond. As such, with the exception of Internships, we do not have a minimum pay rule for job listings: only that listings truthfully post the pay (or lack of it) for the job. However, that does mean low or no-pay jobs come up when users may be searching for career-level jobs. As such, we have added a "Professional Job" tag as an option for job listings, with quick-search and enforcement of rules related to it starting September 1, 2022. Listings using the Professional Job tag must pay at or more than the prevailing non-tipped minimum wage for the area in which the work will be performed. For more information on this, click here.

The catch? There isn't one. We don't sell or trade your info, we don't have a mailing list. Other than the info needed to create your account, we don't ask for any info that you wouldn't likely be posting as part of a job listing. We don't require an account to view the listings, only to post, and that's primarily to cut down on spam listings and allow the job poster to edit their listing(s) later if they need to. The site is primarily text based, so it loads faster than one with a ton of graphics. We're not here to make money. We're here to help fill your job openings, and help people find work.

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