and Privacy Policy and Privacy Policy: and do not collect personal information for any use other than posting the information the user wishes to be posted, log-in security, and notifications about the user's listing(s).

We will not ask you for Social Security, financial, or other sensitive personal information.

We do not send spam, nor do we give, sell, or trade personal information to anyone. (We get enough spam ourselves, so we certainly don't want to add to the glut of it online.)

It is considered a violation of our terms of use to use contact information posted on this site for anything other than potential hiring for jobs/skills listed with that information.

All payment information for any paid service is handled through PayPal. and never see that information

To prevent spam to e-mail addresses posted in listings, we use text obfuscation techniques and login challenges in the coding of the site. This makes e-mail addresses nearly impossible for e-mail gathering programs to harvest, while still visible to you. Depending on your browser support, you may or may not see this obfuscation, but this does not mean it is not working. Of course, there is no email obfuscation technique that is 100% effective, so we also offer the option to not post your e-mail address at all.

Since humans are required to login and provide a working email address to access emails, we monitor, investigate and PROSECUTE ANY AND ALL EMAIL HARVESTING ON THIS SITE. If you believe that you have received spam as a result of your address being submitted to or, please contact me immediately.

While we do require an e-mail address for log-in purposes, the administrators of the sites never know your password. All changes to your password or your listings can be made by you. If a password is lost, you can request a new one be sent to the address that you signed up with. It will be automatically generated by the server and sent to that address.

Some third party content on or may use your IP address to present advertisements that may be relevant to you based on your location, or previous site visits. and do not share in or use this information. We would not allow this third party content if we did not trust them with our own information.

If in the future we were to offer a paid service involving personal information, it would only involve the same information currently posted on the site(s), and would most likely by a filtered service providing only listings of people that fit the job requested. In short: the recipient would be paying to receive the same information that is already posted for free and freely available otherwise. It would be a service of expediency or convenience.

To summarize: I would not use your personal information for anything that I would not want my personal information used for. -Patrick Hudson Owner/Webmaster

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