Frequently Asked Questions

Before you try to contact me, please read this page containing answers to questions I have received at least twice about and They are all contained on this page. Please check through the entire page for the answer to your question, before contacting me.

Starting with the questions that have short answers:

1. How much does it cost to post a job/contact/read? Nothing. Our sites are free.

2. Can I post an acting/performer job listing? No.

3. Do you do link exchanges? No.

4. How do I contact you? My e-mail address is

5. Where are the Terms of Use? Click here.

6. Where is your Privacy Policy? Click here.

7. Any other disclaimers? Yes here. Link is also at the bottom of each page.

8. How do I view, edit or delete the job listings I posted? Click My Jobs in the sidebar.

9. How do I view, edit, or delete my Contact Sheet listing? Click My Contact Sheet Listing in the sidebar.

10. How do I change my password or e-mail address on my account? Click User Settings in the sidebar.

11. I forgot my password! Use the Forgot Password link in the sidebar to request a temporary password to be sent to your registered address.

12. How do I delete my account? E-mail me that request from the address used on your account.

13. Did this used to be It looks familiar. Yes. We operated under the name between 2001 and 2013. In May of 2013 we began operating under the name, as part of an agreement to reduce confusion with another company. You may find our blog posts dated prior to May 2013 referencing our old name, but the links have been updated to so you can still find the information referenced. Our Twitter account was also changed.

14. Are you interested in Viagra, or natural male enhancement, or making lots of money from home? No.

Now the longer answer items:

15. What listings are permitted on Any behind-the-scenes, non-performer jobs in the live entertainment industry. Directors, designers, stagehands, teachers (including acting teachers), box office, TDs, stage and production managers, box office staff, front-of-house staff, facilities staff, PR staff, pit musicians, marketing staff, etc... If it is at a theatre, venue, entertainment supply vendor, etc... and is not a performer/actor job, then it can probably be posted here.

16. What listings are posted on Listings of freelance behind-the-scenes stage professionals looking for work. Pretty much anyone who does the type of work listed on

17. What happens if a listing appears to be spam, full of (verifiably) false information, or inappropriate for either site? Then it should be removed. Click on Report This Listing For Abuse at the bottom of the listing to let me know about it. Expect to be contacted to explain why you reported the listing, as I try to clear up these matters in 24 hours.

18. What are listings with a black header? These are listings that have been reported as possibly violating the terms of use (essentially items 2, 15, and 17 above). This means that the listing is under a 24 hour review, and will either be allowed (the normal header returned), or deleted.

Usually, I never need to contact the employer that posted the listing, as the problem is either blatant (such as an actor job), or non-existent (user simply did not like the employer, which is not grounds for removing a listing). In the event a listing does have a correctable problem, then I contact the posting employer to have them fix it. Repeatedly reporting a single listing, or maliciously reporting multiple listings, will result in the user being banned. Listings that seem to attract erroneous reports can be protected from further reports via the webmaster.

19. What if I think the employer is a bad employer (for whatever reason)? I feel for you. There are certainly bad employers out there. But my problem is: if I refused to accept listings from every theatre that someone had a problem with, not a single theatre in the world would be able to post here. I only have your word against theirs, and I do not have the time to investigate every complaint about a theatre. I have to look at it as: one person�s summerstock-from-hell is another person�s dream job. Please don�t report a listing just because you think the employer sucks.

20. How do I register? Use the link in the sidebar that says (oddly enough) Click Here To Register. Follow the instructions.

21. I registered, and then tried logging in, and it said that my account was not confirmed...? You did not follow the instructions, did you?

Once you register, you are taken to a screen that says:

See, right there. It said that we sent you an e-mail containing instructions to activate your account. But you ignored that and tried to log-in before reading that e-mail. Please forward me your confirmation e-mail, and ask me to manually confirm your account.

22. I did not get that e-mail. Ok. First, make sure that you check any spam folders or filters for the e-mail, and check that e-mails from are allowed through. You must be able to receive e-mails from that address to use and/or

Does your e-mail provider/employer use an automated system that sends a Click Here To Verify You Exist So Your E-mail Goes Through? Well, that is a problem. Our server-sent e-mail address cannot receive any e-mail. So it is never going to click the link. It only sends out e-mails as needed for automated account functions, such as registration, and lost password resetting. Get your employer to white-list that address, or use a different e-mail address.

Contact me from the address you used to register the account, and request that I manually activate the account. Please also include your account address in the request.

23. I use Yahoo, and I did not get the e-mail/it appeared to be blank. Short answer: Yahoo sucks. Full answer: Yahoo does not display our e-mails correctly. Unlike every other e-mail provider, Yahoo displays our server-sent e-mails as white text on a white background. As a result, they appear to be blank. To view the e-mail, try selecting the entire body of it, as you would to select text to copy/paste. The text should become visible in the highlighted area. One other solution is to forward it. Sometimes just trying to forward the e-mail makes the e-mail display correctly. When in doubt, forward it to me (and explain why you are doing so).

24. Why do I have to register to view e-mail addresses? It is a way of keeping spam-bots from crawling the site to gather posted e-mail addresses. While we do also obfuscate e-mail addresses in the site coding, requiring a log-in is a second layer of protection against them. I hate spam, and I do not want those who post here getting it.

25. I registered, activated my account, and still have trouble getting in. Ok. First, what does the site do when you attempt to log-in? Does it give an error message, or does it just appear to refresh the page? If it just appears to refresh, try clearing out your browsers cache/temporary internet files, cookies, and the history. Then try logging in again. We recommend using Firefox or Safari. Still unable log-in? Contact me, explaining what steps you have taken, and what browser you are using.

Unless the site is giving you an error message of some kind (Incorrect Password, Account not confirmed), 99.9% of the time any log-in problems are caused by the browser not using the updated page from the server. Instead, it uses the non-logged-in version that it has in its cache/temporary internet files. Using 3rd party speed boosters may also cause this problem.

Seriously, I access all functions of the same way you do: via the web. While I mainly use Firefox and Chrome, none of my browsers have had any settings changed on them for me. I use the default configurations.

26. Can I change the e-mail address on my account? Yes. Log-in, and click User Settings in the sidebar. Click on the link provided to change your password (you will need to answer your security question to complete this).

27. What happened to It was closed due to reduced use and a spam posting problem. The name has been retained for future use.

28. I tried to contact you at the e-mail address listed, and still have not gotten a reply. Sorry. If it has been more than 24 hours, please try again. Your e-mail may have gotten lost in the shuffle. Please note that due to all sites in the family being free to use, outside employment of the webmaster and any staff must take priority. We will get back to you, it just might take a while. We are working theatre professionals, too.

29. What happened to the BackstageJobs Mailing List? It was phased out. There are no plans to revive it.

30. Were you affiliated with the BackstageJobs in Australia? No, we were here years before they were. They changed their name to use our popularity. I would sue, but realistically, the only winners in lawsuits are the lawyers.

31. Anything else I should know? Sure. Opinions expressed on the Cue To Cue blog, including those by me, do not affect my treatment of listings on or Same goes for any posts on We are based in Chicago, IL. does not promote a preference for union or non-union work. We believe that whatever works best for you is what you should do. Lastly, if any of this seems cold or arrogant, I apologize. It may be coming from years of dealing with problems that could be solved if the person e-mailing me had simply followed the instructions provided, or read the error messages. Details are helpful. E-mailing me with just I cannot log-in! does not help me figure out the problem, and just increases the time needed deal with it. I am not at your computer, so I can only go off of what you you tell me.

32. Ok, I read the whole thing, and still didn't find the answer to my question. Contact me at I will do my best to answer you promptly. Please make sure that if I ask questions in my reply, that you answer all of them. Otherwise time may be wasted if I have to ask the same question again.

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