Hope Repertory Theatre
Holland, MI
Professional Job

Expires: 05/30/24

Job Dates

May 28 - August 8, 2024


$3500 flat fee

As the Assistant Head of Electrics, you will work with the Head Electrician to supervise lighting staff in load in, hang, focus, maintenance, and strike all lighting equipment and design needs for all productions. In conjunction with the Production Lighting Designer, you are responsible for the realization of the
lighting design for the productions.
The 2024 Season consists of four productions including one theatre for young audiences production performed outdoors with limited lighting needs. The remaining three productions will take place on two stages.

You are also responsible for assisting with:
+bull; Inventory, repair and maintenance of all lighting fixtures, cables, effects, power distribution,dimmers, networking and lighting control consoles.
+bull; Organization and purchasing of all consumables including color gel, gobos, and any other necessary equipment.
+bull; Obtaining and returning any borrowed or rented lighting equipment or supplies.
+bull; Planning and implementing the cabling (circuiting) of lights and electric power distribution.
+bull; Documentation and tracking of all circuiting, addressing, and system configuration in cooperation with the Lighting Designer.
+bull; Patching assignments of the control console based on the paperwork generated by the Lighting Designer and the planned circuiting.
+bull; Clear communication and proper collaboration with other production departments regarding
stage space and use, scheduling, and fly system needs for each production according to design
+bull; Coordination and scheduling of all electrics crew calls and scheduling of all electrics crew
+bull; General training and mentorship of lighting staff and interns in proper techniques and theatrical
+bull; Clear communication and collaboration with Assistant Master Electrician regarding shop management, production schedule, and crew labor.
+bull; Occupational safety and health of workers; safe facility and tool usage is critical.
+bull; Operational decisions as the Head of the Electrics department, including management of lighting supply budget.
+bull; Safe operation, upkeep, and maintenance of lighting shop, control booths, and storage facilities.
+bull; Attending production meetings, shop head meetings, designer site visits, and technical rehearsals.
+bull; Scheduling, coordinating, and leading changeovers between repertory productions, in conjunction with Production Manager and other production departments.
+bull; Coordinate and lead the strike of all lighting equipment for all productions within the Hope Rep season and restore all spaces to pre-production conditions in preparation for the academic year.
+bull; Managing shifting and competing priorities, exercising good judgment and discretion, and maintaining a positive attitude.
You must be a highly collaborative, pro-active problem solver who is able to inspire staff while multi-tasking within a busy work environment. You must be able to work safely, independently, and
efficiently. You must exhibit a positive attitude, good creative problem-solving skills, and be able to work in an active, fast-paced environment. You should exercise a high level of organization, time management, and excellent communication


Michelle Bombe

Executive Artistic Director



Business Address

HOPE SUMMER REP - DeWitt Student Cultural Center

141 East 12th Street

Holland, MI 49423

Posted: 04/19/2024 15:53:00 EST

Last Updated: 04/21/2024 18:40 EST

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