Hale Centre Theatre - Arizona
Gilbert, AZ
Professional Job

Expires: 10/18/24


$55,000 - $60,000 annually

The Hale Centre Theatre in Gilbert, Arizona is seeking a Resident Lighting Designer for our upcoming season. The Lighting Designer is responsible for lighting all productions and concerts (9-12 theatrical productions per year, 14+ concerts). This is a full time salary position.

About the Theater Company

The Hale Centre Theatre - Arizona is a leading force in the Arizona theater market producing award-winning shows since 2003. Hale Theatre is a privately owned and operated family theater (non-equity house) that produces professional level shows.


- Read the script taking note of overall story and theme and specific physical needs. Determine research and dramaturgical needs.
- Consult the production calendar and note all due dates.
- Attend all design and production meetings. Discuss overall production concept, theme, style, period, etc.
- Review script, noting both +ldquo;broad-stroke+rdquo; and +ldquo;moment to moment+rdquo; demands.
- Begin attending rehearsals regularly, these should be run-throughs whenever possible.
- Develop a light plot in Vectorworks and instrument schedules, magic sheets, and other supporting paperwork in Lightwright as necessary.
- Meet with scenic designer, costume designer, and your mentor to discuss color. Meet with the scenic designer to discuss all masking, flying, shifting scenery, and any wired practicals.
- Provide pre-visualizations and build cues, presets, set levels, special lighting, and effects. Complete pre-programming weeks before the first tech rehearsal to allow time for revisions and to ensure a smooth tech rehearsal process.
- Arrange a meeting with the director, stage manager, and the other production team members for a +ldquo;Paper Tech+rdquo;, so that you may go through the show cue by cue prior to the first tech rehearsal. This may take several hours to complete.
- Check for the install of all necessary cue lights, running lights, costume change lights, prop work lights, and design table lights as required for tech rehearsal.
- Attend all tech and dress rehearsals and evaluate, plan, and rework all light cues as necessary. Continue polishing and improving cues and lightplot until the final rehearsal.
- Responsible on an ongoing basis for all hang/focus and lighting equipment maintenance.

Please include a portfolio with relevant experience. Advanced experience on programing moving lights needed, with in-depth experience on ETC consoles. An ETC Ion console is used. Must be experienced with Vectorworks previsualization. Must be able to meet production schedule requirements.

Comprehensive benefits package includes:

Group medical health insurance to which HCT contributes 75% of the employee only premium after 90 days employment
Free vision and dental insurance to which HCT contributes 100% of employee only premium after 90 days employment
40 hours paid sick leave
$500 holiday bonus paid in December (After one consecutive year)
Tickets to select HCT productions subject to availability
Free parking close to theater
Job Type: Full-time


David Dietlein




Business Address

50 West Page Avenue

Gilbert, AZ 85233

Posted: 04/18/2024 18:40:49 EST

Last Updated: 04/19/2024 01:00 EST

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