Plan-B Entertainment/1815
Reno, NV
Professional Job

Expires: 06/10/24

Job Dates

July 2, 2024 - October 6, 2024 (with possible extension)


$750 per week

Plan - B Entertainment, Los Angeles based company, is seeking a local hire in the Reno, Nevada area for Renault+rsquo;s Speakeasy - The Floorshow, Experience the Reimagined, a new immersive theater experience that will be performed at the Eldorado at the Row. The show will run for 13 weeks, with a possibility of an extension. We are transporting audience members into a modern day speakeasy where they will get to experience various forms of entertainment. There will be an estimated, 1 hour of pre-show where VIP ticket buyers will be let in to experience Renault+rsquo;s. Your job, as production stage manager, will be to help facilitate the flow of traffic between guests arriving through the hidden entrance and the actors throughout the space. Once the show has started you will call the show, the show runs for about 60/7o minutes. The production stage manager will also be responsible for maintaining the integrity of the show, communication with the production team, producers and theater managers, filling out show reports and sending out daily calls to the cast. THIS IS A NON-UNION PRODUCTION.

Work with the associate producer to learn and call the show
Think and adapt quickly to situations in the moment
Load in of set
Help facilitate tech week
Type up and send out show reports
Type up and send out daily calls
Communicate with production team, producers and theater managers
Oversee backstage crew before, during and after show
Call cues
Facilitate the flow of traffic as audience members arrive for the pre-show
Oversee that actors are in their given areas for the pre-show

Important dates:
Start date/Load in - July 2nd
Tech - July 2nd - July 11th
Opening - July 12th
Closing - October 6th, with a possibility of extension

$750 per week
There will be a minimum of 6 shows and a maximum of 8 shows per week.

Inquiries: Please have subject line of email say +ldquo;ATTN: PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER+rdquo;


Andy Ferrara




Business Address

10600 Chugenga Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91606

Venue Address

Eldorado Reno Resort Casino

345 N Virginia St

Reno, NV 89501

Posted: 04/12/2024 15:43:24 EST

Last Updated: 04/12/2024 23:00 EST

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