Riverside Center for the Performing Arts
Fredericksburg, VA
Professional Job

Expires: 10/06/24

Job Dates

4/6/2024 - Ongoing


$15-$17 per hour biweekly

The Properties Master is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the prop stock and any rentals for the Riverside Center for the Performing Arts Theater Division. The will have knowledge of carpentry, welding, upholstery, crafting, set dressing, and painting, and budgeting. They will be well organized and have experience managing their time among multiple shows. The Props Master will work closely with the Director and Production Manager to support a minimum of 6 mainstage shows and provide support to Children+rsquo;s theater in addition to any additional show related activities. The Props Master works to ensure that the Riverside Center for the Performing Arts continues to be a vital element of the community supporting the Mission and Vision to create a positive work environment for all employees and provide an outstanding experience for patrons.
● Creates, purchases, or alters props to fit the needs of each show;
● Develops and works within show budget assigned to individual shows;
● Maintains an accurate inventory of all props, accessories, material and supplies;
● Negotiates props rentals with the assistance of the Production Manager;
● Oversees other temporary staff members when needed;
● Attends all design runs, technical rehearsals, and production meetings;
● Tends to any props repairs throughout the run of a show as necessary;
● Creates a load-in and strike plan and notifies the Production Manager when over-hire help is needed.
+bull; Strong communication skills;
+bull; Knowledge and skill with various types of carpentry and wood working;
+bull; Ability and skill with welding;
+bull; Knowledge of theatrical scene crafting;
+bull; Knowledge and skill with upholstery and furniture restoration and repair;
+bull; Ability to creating time-tables;
+bull; Knowledge and skill with scenic painting;
+bull; Knowledge of basic sewing;
+bull; Ability to interpret design renderings;
+bull; Knowledge of theater shows, designs, and production;
+bull; Knowledge of appropriate business software;
+bull; Ability to work within department budgeting limits;
+bull; Ability to handle, maintain and protect confidential information;
+bull; Ability to problem-solve and facilitate solutions to problems;
+bull; Ability to work productively under time pressures and to meet deadlines;
+bull; Ability to work independently and exercise excellent decision-making skills;
+bull; Able and willing to work evenings and weekends.
+bull; Must be at least 18 years of age;
+bull; Must hold a degree in Technical Theatre (or related field) from an accredited university or possess equivalent professional experience;
+bull; Minimum 2 years of experience in a professional theatre environment, and or 1 year as either an assistant or a department head relating to costume preparation.
+bull; Ability to sit in front of a computer screen or sewing machine for prolonged periods of time;
+bull; Indoor activity with prolonged exposure to windowless work area;
+bull; Frequent exposure to fluorescent lighting and low light conditions;
+bull; Ability to stand for long periods of time;
+bull; Ability to routinely lift, carry and move materials weighing up to 50 pounds;
+bull; Able to perform duties with or without reasonable accommodations.


Michael Mondak

HR Specialist



(540) 370-4300

Business Address

95 Riverside Parkway

Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Posted: 04/06/2024 10:37:51 EST

Last Updated: 04/06/2024 17:00 EST

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