Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Ashland, OR
UNION | Professional Job

Expires: 07/02/24

Job Dates

02/05/24 - 10/27/24


$24 per hour biweekly

Position Overview:

1. All OSF employees are expected to respect diverse ideas, races, genders, gender expressions, sexualities, abilities, cultures, and religions, contribute to working in an anti-racist social justice theater, and value Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access (IDEA).

2. A Stagehand Specialist 1 works changeovers and executes performance tracks.

Pay rate: $24 per hour with a guaranteed 35 hours per week.

This is a seasonal union position, and the contract dates are either 2/5/24 - 10/27/24 or 5/14/234 - 10/27/24.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Embraces the Festival+rsquo;s commitment that diverse ideas, culture and traditions reflect the broad diversity of our nation and enrich our insight into the work we present onstage, performs work in a manner that is consistent with OSF+rsquo;s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, and interrupts behaviors that hinder our diversity and inclusion efforts.

2. Works scene shifts (changeovers) as assigned. Changeovers generally consist of re -arranging scenery, lighting, audience seating and props for each show as well as assisting sound, wardrobe, and hair and wig staff as necessary.

3. Works performance track(s) as assigned, including properties, automation, utility and follow spot tracks. Tracks can include coordinating work in any run crew department (e.g., lighting, sound, wardrobe).

4. Works and sets up special events, company calls, and meetings.

5. Participates in work calls, prop moves, load-ins and outs.

6. Operates manual line sets and chain motors as instructed and supervised by ASOM, Lead Stagehands and Specialist 2. Demonstrates proper safety is used in operations.

7. Assists in the Installation and maintains theatrical rigging systems with supervision.

8. Follows direction of Stage Manager during performances.

9. Inform manager on duty of technical and safety issues.

10. As assigned, fills out show report, broken prop forms, broken automation reports, automation check out,
and preshow automation reports.

11. Maintains facilities, stage ops equipment and tools, show scenery and props.

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Works other OSF non-play events as assigned.

2. Run crew understudy for show tracks (Auto, Deck, Props, Spot Op).

3. Participates in monthly departmental meetings specific to assigned show role (props, automation)

4. Other duties as assigned by the Stage Operations Management

Supervision Received: Stage Operations Manager, Associate Stage Operations Manager, Lead Stagehand
Supervision Exercised: Stagehand


Work Experience: 3 years professional experience or current status as a Stagehand in IATSE 154

Physical Ability: Stage Operations has one of the most physically demanding jobs at OSF, with regular lifting of up to 75 lbs. and pushing and pulling forces up to 80 lbs. Job requires frequent use of ladders and occasional climbing of fixed vertical ladders to heights of 24+rsquo;. In addition to the weight requirements, the frequency of lifting, pushing, pulling and bending is very high due to the limited time for changeovers.

Other Skills, Ability and/or Knowledge:

Ability to communicate in English both verbally and in writing to obtain and explain information. Ability to do shop math. Computer literacy. Ability to operate personnel lifts. The ability to create positive working relationships with colleagues even in stressful situations. Demonstrated ability to remember and duplicate complex repertory changeovers and make appropriate adjustments on a day-to-day basis.

Proven knowledge of theatrical rigging, stage craft, and theatrical carpentry. Demonstrated competence in hands-on construction techniques and standards and the physical capability to operate standard woodworking hand and power tools, specifically screw guns, saws, routers and staple guns. Ability to work in a team environment.

Special Position Requirements/Tools:
1. Flashlight
2. Straight Blade Screwdriver
3. Phillips Head Screwdriver
4. Awl, drift or another hole centering tool
5. Pliers or vice grips
6. 7/16+rdquo;, 1/2+rdquo;, and 9/16+rdquo; ratchet/speed wrench combination
7. Crescent or other adjustable wrench
8. Tool bag to carry tools and specific hardware, as per the need of the changeover.
9.Steel/composite toed shoes that comply with OSHA standards, as subsidized by OSF.
10. Hard Hat that meets ANSI Z89.1-2009 safety requirements, as subsidized by OSF.
11. Black shirt, black pants, black shoes for running shows backstage.

Special Hours Requirements:

Night-time and weekend hours are regularly required. Standard work week is Tuesday +ndash; Sunday, with split shifts and variable start times. Schedule is available one week in advance of work.

Overtime is required, especially during technical rehearsals. The ability to work a variable, split-shift schedule is

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Oregon Driver+rsquo;s License, ability to drive an 18+rsquo; box truck, able to be added to
OSF+rsquo;s vehicle insurance policy. Ability to drive a forklift (OSF to provide training).


Anna Zhao




Business Address

15 South Pioneer St

Ashland, OR 97520

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