Aura Of Blue
Georgetown, TX
Professional Job

Expires: 01/01/24

Job Dates

Full Time


$35+ Hr bimonthly

Full-Time A/V Engineer

Onsite Austin Texas

We need an A/V Engineer to run our existing equipment, help record a YouTube show, and help setup and run equipment for live events.+nbsp;

The position is Full Time, and takes place Tuesday thru Friday, and some Saturdays.+nbsp;

+gt;+gt; The A/V Professional will record the spokesmodel, and her guests in a mobile studio, setup and troubleshoot system as required. Ensure Cameras are proper settings, audio is at designed levels, and lighting is set according to documentation.

+gt;+gt; The A/V Professional will also setup and the run equipment for live presentations (events) at hotels in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.+nbsp;

Equipment Includes:+nbsp;
Blackmagic ATEM mini pro system
Various cameras from fixed to PTZ cameras (HDMI, SDI, Network)
Tripod mounted canon video cameras and handheld DJI camera+nbsp;
Optional DJI Mavic 2 - for drone footage
Optional - B-Roll footage using DJI handheld/Video from Cannon DSLR
Canon DSLR Still Camera Images
Shure Wireless Lav and Handhelds
Some various LED light panels
Some systems have 70V Amp and Room speakers
Experience with basic editing and data management is helpful
Available to travel for events in major cities in Texas

Example Schedule:+nbsp;

Tuesdays: +nbsp;
Setup and operate existing equipment for a live event at a hotel.
+gt;+gt;+gt; Events are held each Tuesday from 6-9pm alternating between Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio.+nbsp;
+gt;+gt;+gt; Travel in provided transportation to event
+gt;+gt;+gt; After event provided transportation back to Austin

+gt;+gt;+gt; Upload recordings made at live meetings
+gt;+gt;+gt;light video editing /compressing files and/or trimming the files and uploading

Thursday:+nbsp; On Week (weekend event week):+nbsp;
Setup and existing equipment for a live event at a hotel
+gt;+gt;+gt; Need to load equipment into van, drive to location (note: we usually have a separate driver that will be doing the driving), setup equipment. Similar to setup for Tuesday event, although meeting will be run by other people on Friday-Sunday
+gt;+gt;+gt; Stay overnight at Hotel (for the events in San Antonio, Houston, or Dallas)+nbsp;

Thursday Off Week+nbsp;(no weekend event):+nbsp; Stay in Austin+nbsp;
+gt;+gt;+gt; Record training videos for company president.
+gt;+gt;+gt; Record REEL video for spokesmodel (Olivia) social media
+gt;+gt;+gt; Photo Shoot spokesmodel (Olivia) for Social Media
+gt;+gt;+gt; Upload content to dropbox for editors, etc.+nbsp;

Operate existing equipment, cameras, and sound gear for recording a weekly YouTube show
+gt;+gt;+gt; Show is recorded weekly, usually mid-day on Friday (or sometimes on Saturday) in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio

We may or may not do anything on Saturday depending on the rest of the week

Sunday: OFF

Monday: OFF


Jason Hurley



(845) 694-2229

Business Address

337 Madison Oaks Ave

Georgetown, TX 78626

Posted: 11/21/2023 01:09:00 EST

Last Updated: 11/21/2023 10:00 EST

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