RIP Productions
Woodland Hills, CA
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Expires: 01/26/24

Job Dates

11/01/23 - 01/31/24



Rip Productions is seeking an assistant Head Carpenter to join the Champions Of Magic tour. This contract begins November 1 2023 with touring periods running through the the spring of 2024, with potential to extend into summer and fall of 2024. The ideal candidate will have experience in production management or head carpenter, or has otherwise previously had oversight over the safe load in and load out of a production.

This role requires someone with great communication and people skills to work with the local (venue or union) crew to unload the production trucks (2-3) and land the show equipment appropriately in the venue so the rigging, electrics, AV, SFX and stage management teams can build their departments efficiently. At the end of the day those departments will pack their equipment and deliver it to the loading area for the Assistant Head Carpenter to oversee loading.

This role does not include a show call so includes an extended break through the middle of the day.

Job Duties
- Oversee the safe loading and unloading of all production trucks working with local crew/teamsters
- Ensure the production equipment is ready for other departments to begin their builds
-Oversee storage of dead cases in a convenient and practical way
-Take part in all production meetings as designated by the Production Manager
-Assist in all other aspects of load in and load out
-All other duties as assigned by the Production Manager

Minimum Qualifications:
-One year of professional experience or academic equivalent (2 years in
technical theater)
-Ability to lift 75 lbs
-Valid US passport
-Touring Experience

This is a touring, non-union contract and a non-union tour. Please send a resume and two references (one non-educational) to the Production Manager.


Will Blair

Production Manager


Business Address

21781 Ventura Blvd

Suite 97A

Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Posted: 08/27/2023 15:22:00 EST

Last Updated: 08/28/2023 14:26 EST

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