Please note: All off-site announcements about site status will now be made primarily on Bluesky, as it is visible to the public without requiring an account.

While we will continue to use our Twitter/X account for now, it will not be given priority if site news or announcements need to be made outside of our website.

All new or updated job listings are required to include the job start date, or otherwise indicate when hiring will take place. This is Rule 9 on our Terms of Use.

New users: Please do not use ampersands (&) in your password. They will not be processed when creating your account.

While we continue to work to get a security certificate set for our root domain, we encourage you to use our "staging" subdomain at to securely access the site without security alerts.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. The automatic redirect from http to https is still not working, though this seems to be tied to not yet getting the certificate for the root domain set. We are still working on fixing whatever is preventing this.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share our change from http to https to EVERYONE you know who uses this site so they can update their bookmarks and links. .

Current remaining issues following our move to this server in late December, 2021:

Automated outgoing server email is not working. This is likely related to the certificate issue.

This unfortunately means that new account automated confirmation/activation emails and lost/forgotten password resetting is currently not available.

New account users will need to email from the email address they registered with to be manually activated. This may take up to 24 hours.

Those who have forgotten their passwords will currently need to email from the email address they registered with to ask that the account be deleted. They should then re-register with the same email address, which will automatically be associated with listings previously posted from that account.

I sincerely apologize for any disruption and inconvenience, and I thank you for your patience.

Patrick Hudson
Founder family of sites.

Answers to nearly all your site-related questions can be found at our Frequently Asked Questions page, as well as the Terms of Use, and our Privacy Policy.

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